Last Boo! gig in Belgium (Charlatan, 28 Oct. 2004)

Thursday 28 October 2004. For the first time since I’ve been converted to Boo!ddhism, I was not overly enthusiastic when at last the time had come to start heading to the gig. I was actually seized by a gloomy feeling of sadness, which, of course, had everything to do with the fact that this would be Boo!’s last performance ever in Belgium. Drummer Leon and multi-instrumentalist Ampie are leaving the band to seek their fortune elsewhere, which means that it’s the end of Boo! as we know it. However, Boo! wouldn’t be Boo! if they didn’t succeed in cheering me up! Their gig started a bit shaky, but by the time they played their 3rd song, the sound improved and the three South African fellows really started enjoying themselves. I felt as delirious as ever, happily dancing and lip-syncing their songs. Yes you heard me right, I actually do my best not to sing out loud for other people’s sake. Unfortunately, the guy standing next to me was somewhat less charitable…

Anyway, it was really nice to see Ampie and Leon still having lots of fun on stage. Leon drummed his heart out with a radiant smile and Ampie couldn’t resist pulling faces at some people in the front row. Chris was a bit less talkative than on other occasions (can’t really blame him) but he still was his charming self, once again conjuring up the most amazing sounds out of his throat. He visibly enjoyed this last Belgian performance very much. And so did the crowd, that’s for sure!

The setlist closely resembled a greatest hits setlist. Well, try as they might, I think it’s impossible for Boo! not to play a greatest hits setlist. They can’t even stuff all of their hits in one playlist, so I still had to do without some of my favourites such as “Krusti”, “Mud”, “Afrocado pair”, “Wishboan” and “Franki”. I forgive them, of course, ‘cause this last show really was amazing. I hoped it would go on forever. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Our three heroes left the stage and despite the many shouts for encores they didn’t return.

And so, I’m afraid my last Boo! performance ended in tears. I simply couldn’t bear the thought that I’d never see them perform together again. I couldn’t help it, seven Boo! gigs have turned me into a real Boo!dict!

What's gone is gone, not to return? Well, I’m pretty sure that Chris will be back, better than ever. And I truly hope that Ampie and Leon will be back too in some way or another (There’s quite a chance that I’ll meet them again, provided that they stick to playing music. Of course, if they are planning to set up some kind of Chippendales project I can’t guarantee a thing!). Meanwhile Boo!’s music will keep on making our day and no one in the world can take away our memories of their unforgettable gigs.

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fairy rings i'm eager to see it!!!
and good luck with your halloweenparty!
I mean how it's been????

Gepost door: cms | 01-11-04

... laat maar komen!

en hoe is halloween geweest...?

Gepost door: MJ | 02-11-04

Blote bastgewijs mag dit al een mooie 7/10 opleveren

Gepost door: Little Witch | 02-11-04

It sucks Echt waar, 'k vind 't zo enorm (lelijk woord) dat BOO! ermee opgehouden is! Maar de show in de Charlatan was wel enorm goed. Zoals altijd. Ik ga ze missen. :/

Trouwens, niet dat je onderhand nog niet weet hoe ze eruit zien natuurlijk, maar op mijn site staan ook nog wat BOO!-foto's van in de Charlatan.

Groetjes van een mede-BOO!dhist.

Gepost door: Tine | 03-11-04

hmmma ik vraag me af wat mijn blote bast me zou opleveren...
maar to the point: je review is ontreorend, grappig en heel goed gechreven en de volgende keer beter kijken rondom u hé als ik nog halfverdoofd de trein opstap!!!

Gepost door: cms | 04-11-04

*** Prettig weekend!!! :)

Veel liefs,
Lonely Angel

Gepost door: Lonely Angel | 05-11-04

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