Back among the living!

Finally no more polish exams to worry about, at least not for a while! Not that I feel confident about yesterday’s exam, but still. I’ll keep you posted on the results (whenever they are reasonable, otherwise I’ll most probably keep my mouth shut tight). Anyway, I’ve ordered no less than 5 grammar exercise books at http://www.universitas.com.pl/ as to be better prepared for my next exam! How ‘bout that for a New Year’s resolution?!

Other items on my wish list for 2005 are:

  • Going to a lot of gothic, folk and rock concerts and festivals, of course, and telling you all about it!

  • Finding a new place to live.

  • Being creative, i.e. making candles and maybe picking up “mosaic” again.

  • Spending more time at the gym (preferably not at the bar!).

  • Attending a few evening courses (Dreamweaver advanced, Makromedia Fireworks, and maybe Coldfusion)

  • And hopefully finding some time to finally create a website version of this weblog…


As you can see, I won’t exactly get bored in 2005!

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no more exams! maak je geen zorgen, Nederlands is voor me zo moeilijk als Pools voor je

Gepost door: Bartosz | 19-01-05

Allez... ... dat komt precies goed in 2005...

Keep up the good work!

Gepost door: Kaajee | 22-01-05

Exam And for those among you who might be wondering about my Polish exam: I passed! It even was much better than I'd expected: 72 %.
Well, Polish grammar exercices are kind of fun: it's like trying to solve a crossword puzzle (speaking Polish, however, is quite something else!)!

Gepost door: Aisling | 27-01-05

Proficiat... ...met uw prima resultaat!!!
Btw, 'k ben intussen ook bezig met een cursus Dreamweaver (maar voor beginners, hé)...dus, als 't een beetje meezit, kan ik binnenkort ook mijn concertfotootjes op 't web gooien! :-)

Gepost door: Butterflydance | 29-01-05

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