How to make ...

I saw this funny test on several other blogs, so I decided to take the test for myself.

How to make an Aisling
3 parts anger
5 parts humour
3 parts empathy
Layer ingredients in a shot glass. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Hmm, "humour", "empathy" and "fitness" don't sound bad at all.
But, don't you ever dare to think that I am an angy person. UNDERSTOOD??!!!
And now that I come to think of it, that part about "fitness"... that's indeed really no more than a sprinkle.

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It doesn’t always have to be music…

In my previous post you could read about my long-term plans, but this one's about my plans in the very near future:

Friday 21/01/05

Dichters voor de 21ste eeuw

poetry at Passa Porta, the International House of Literature in Brussels

I will announce this in Dutch, since it's all about Belgian poetry.

Voorstelling Poëziebloemlezing 'Op het oog. 21 dichters voor de 21ste eeuw'.
Deze bloemlezing bij Uitgeverij P is ontstaan uit een initiatief vanhet literaire tijdschrift en er is naar aanleiding van het tienjarige bestaan en bevat verschillende dichters die ook al in en er is publiceerden.

De 21 dichters zijn:
Koen Bauwens - Geert Buelens - Sven Cooremans - Yves Coussement - Eva Cox - Maarten Crappé - Serge Delbruyère - Maarten De Pourcq - albrecht b doemlicht - Jan Geerts - Ruth Lasters - Fransiska Louwagie - Sis Matthé - Erik Metsue - Kris Pint - X Roelens - Jeroen Theunissen - Nargilah V. H. - David Van Reybrouck - Reinout Verbeke - Peter Vermeersch

22/01/05 till 13/02/05:


Exhibition by one of my favourite amateur photographers: MJ Smets.
Click here for a flyer. Have a look at her pictures on her weblog and her website .
I even got the opportunity to play at being her model last year. Click on the links below to see the results of that photo shoot :
Revering the light
Listening to the trees
White fairy walking in the meadow
Dreaming away at the water's edge

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Back among the living!

Finally no more polish exams to worry about, at least not for a while! Not that I feel confident about yesterday’s exam, but still. I’ll keep you posted on the results (whenever they are reasonable, otherwise I’ll most probably keep my mouth shut tight). Anyway, I’ve ordered no less than 5 grammar exercise books at http://www.universitas.com.pl/ as to be better prepared for my next exam! How ‘bout that for a New Year’s resolution?!

Other items on my wish list for 2005 are:

  • Going to a lot of gothic, folk and rock concerts and festivals, of course, and telling you all about it!

  • Finding a new place to live.

  • Being creative, i.e. making candles and maybe picking up “mosaic” again.

  • Spending more time at the gym (preferably not at the bar!).

  • Attending a few evening courses (Dreamweaver advanced, Makromedia Fireworks, and maybe Coldfusion)

  • And hopefully finding some time to finally create a website version of this weblog…


As you can see, I won’t exactly get bored in 2005!

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The Invitation 2005 cancelled

Well, it was to be expected... frequent clashes between a number of local organisations have led to the end of the most important gothic event in Belgium.
Together with the Invitation we lose a high-quality festival with excellent line-ups and a very pleasant atmosphere.
This leaves us -gothic, electro, medieval, neo-folk, ... fans- only one option: if we want to watch our favourite bands perform, we will have to travel as far as Germany. 
In fact,  it was the combination of the Invitation 2004 and the South-African band Boo! that led to the birth of this weblog. Meanwhile, Boo! has split and the Invitation has quit...
It seems that I don't really succeed in promoting the things that I like most. But who knows, maybe miracles do happen? Anyway, you haven't seen the last of me yet, although it will be a bit quiet in here for another week or two due to an upcoming exam.

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