Where I will be on Saturday 19 February…


Purple Moon presents

18:30: doors (not the band of course!)

19:00: The Frozen Park

20:00: Psyche (Listen to Psyche)

21:30: Diary of Dreams (Listen to Diary of Dreams)


Let me give you some good advice: don’t be late, or you might miss the best part of the evening, i.e. The Frozen Park. I discovered this band at Zwartwerk and I’m really looking forward to see them play again (Read my review).


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poejh! look hwo's talking "don't be late or you'll miss the best part"... :p
well I'll be late i'll try to make it, but maybe i'm humpin' aroun din the brussels suburbs at that time...
so can't really say i'll be there to watch you burn

Gepost door: CMS | 14-02-05

beste Juffrouw Aisling, wat ben jij toch zo een gemene toverkol :p:p:p:p:p:p
(ik had al gegeten btw :p:p:p:p) lool

Gepost door: Lord CMS | 16-02-05

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