One mission accomplished

One item's been crossed off my 2005 wish list already: "finding a new place to live". We signed the contract today. In less than two months we will be moving to Patershol, the medieval quarter of Ghent. One thing's for sure, our future neighbours are rather arty people. To begin with, there's the owner of this historical building, Dirk Geeroms. He's an architect who's very dedicated to renovating the house, part of which we will be renting. Then, there's artist Frank Liefooghe, who apparently has completed large art projects all over the world. And last but not least, there's pianist/composer Rudy de Sutter.
Let's hope their muse stops by our door from time to time, as I must admit that my level of inspiration is rather low for the moment.

Anyway, cheers!

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EEN DIKKE SMAK en proficiat.. Zul je opneuw een feeërieke tuin hebben????

Gepost door: Little Witch | 16-03-05

@witchy Neen Witchy, no more garden of delights, maar wel een indrukwekkend dakterras :-))

Gepost door: Aisling | 16-03-05

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