Sometimes miracles do happen!

Yesterday, I was sitting in the train, sneakily trying to read an article in a fellow traveller’s newspaper on U2’s upcoming show (yep, I know, I’m a real pain in the ass to other commuters!), when a feeling of sadness came over me, as I realised that I wouldn’t be present. Like so many others, I hadn’t been able to obtain a ticket for U2’s opening concert in Europe on 10 June and so I tried to think of other plans to fill my Friday evening.

However, a few moments later, as I checked my mobile phone for messages, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Butterflydance had managed to obtain 4 tickets to the concert and, if I wanted, one of them was mine! Thanks mate!

U2 here I come!

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That's... ...what friends are for, right?! :-)
Op naar 't Koning Boudewijnstadion dus! En voor ne keer zal 't niet zijn om naar de voetbal te gaan zien! ;-)


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* ENJOY!!!!

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