Free Omnia gig in Brussels on 6 May 2006

Come and see the pagan folk band Omnia live in Brussels!



The Berlaymont building (EU HQ),

Roundabout Schuman,

1040 Brussels

(Metro: Schuman)



Saturday 6 May, 2006, 16h00



OMNIA’s music is based on traditional music from across Europe.  Their unique blend of powerful and emotional music, an energetic stage show and, most importantly, great sense of humour, has been causing quite a stir in Holland, Germany and much further afield.  The lyrics - sung in English, Gaelic, Latin, German, Breton and Finnish(!) -   evoke an ancient world of nature and pagan religion that continues to exist and inspire today.


The Celts are gathering... All you fans of pagan, celtic, folk, medieval or gothic music, don’t miss this opportunity!

Pic: Omnia on a previous occasion in Brussels @ La Samaritaine.

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;-) helaas ik zal d'r niet bij kunnen zijn :s
nu ja ;-)

Gepost door: lord cms | 17-04-06

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